For Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Stress is the greatest threat in the modern age affecting the majority of urban people, including the children and teenagers. Stress creates a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, fatigue, increased anger, relationships problems, eating disorders, depression, inability to focus, stress headaches, insomnia and, over time, a variety of stress-related diseases. If one can’t sleep well and can’t maintain good digestion and elimination, how can we enjoy all the money, luxuries, power, name, relationships we are striving to achieve?

stress management in ayurveda

How it works?

According to Ayurveda, the lack of ability to handle daily stress is due to an imbalance, or lack of coordination of the three main mental functions of dhi (learning), dhriti (retention), and smriti (long-term memory) and lack of ojas energy in the body. At Ayurveda Yoga Villa, this program is aimed at Relieving the stress accumulated over years, and increasing the levels of ojas through proper hormonal balance and building the mental strength to cope with stress in the future.

For Whom is this program?

People with the following issues: insomnia, lack of concentration, anxiety, loosing the temper easily, obsessive eating and drinking, low energy, lack of appetite, poor digestion, constipation, sexual disorders, chain smokers and heavy drinkers, or anybody who want to experience the peace of mind.

How many Days?

Minimum 1 week, ideally 2 weeks, and for better results 3 to 4 weeks – depending on your present condition and what you are expecting.

What’s the daily program?

Daily Consultation and monitoring of your health by our doctors.
Therapy sessions
Oral Herbal medication
Ayurvedic diet – which will be decided after consultation
Yoga & Breathing Sessions – either one or two session a day
Meditation and mantra chants
Other activities that do not contradict with the treatment like a brisk walk in the forest around us or swim in the river.

Ayurvedic Treatments:

  • Abyanga: Full body massage with medicated herbal oils for 60 minutes to release all the tensions from muscles and joints.
  • Pizchil: 15 min. head massage and deep tissue oil pouring massage to strengthen the hormonal secretions.
  • Sirodhara: Head massage and 45 min. flow of herbal oil/milk/buttermilk on the forehead to cool the nervous system
  • Sirovasthi: Lukewarm herbal oils held in a cup fitted on the head for 45 minutes to cool down cerebral and nervous systems.
  • Talam: Special powder mixed with medicated oil is applied on the top of the head.
  • Thalapothichil: Application of special herbal pastes on the body
  • Steam Bath is given after most of the treatments.
  • Ayurvedic diet to counteract the stress releasing chemicals

The above mentioned treatment plan is the general Stress Management Therapy for a normal healthy person. However, our doctor will have to check your past medical history and diagnose your present health condition, before finalizing right treatment plan for you.